British American Tobacco 2016 Recruitment Stages

I just want to answer this due to numerous inquiries I'm getting.
You basically don't have to wait till you see a major recruitment headline before you start applying for jobs at BAT. I have had a friend who worked for BAT by just visiting their office in Ibadan.

To however apply the normal way, follow this link: BAT and you will get a confirmation notification that your application was successful if done properly.

Usually, after been shortlisted, you will be asked to write a test.

Followed by some sets of interviews. I think they pay transport stipends plus lunch for every time you visit.

They usually don't take more than three candidates.  They chose the best obviously and nothing like nepotism exists there.

It's a very great job. I think pay is around something above 200k with mouth watering welfare packages and lunch too. It's also like a campus. You will so enjoy yourself working with them.

What's important is scaling through the test and really knowing about your course of study.

Hold on guys, do you smoke?

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