Atlantic Aviation 2014 Recruitment Stages

I just got a request for this information and I called my contacts. I actually have a good friend who is working as a cadet pilot for one of the aviation companies in Lagos.

Recently Atlantic aviation rolled out a recruitment for cadet pilots and I learnt after the online application and test that they had started calling people for interviews according to the information I received. The below information may be useful to some of you and the more info I get the more info I will share.

Note the following:

1) It is a job that involves intensive training and technical capabilities actually, as it involves flying choppers and helicopters.

2) During the training, I am not certain if you will be paid or you will pay money. Not really sure but after the training you will become a certified pilot and you can either work with them or others.

3) It's a good career path and one you can bank on for a very long long time.

4) Some of them pay stipends as they call it to cadet trainees and Atlantic aviation may be one of them.

5) It involves you traveling all over the world at their own cost. After the training too as you all know, pilots fly all around the world.

I am making it look as simple as possible so that you can easily understand what it entails during your interview and recruitment process.

6) You will do a very intensive medical checkup such as BP, height fever etc. get yourselves checked.

7) Try and understand the common aviation laws and environmental issues with regards to clouds and all.

8) Salary is usually not monthly. You are paid per trip.

9) selection process may favour those in Computer science and science courses genereally.

10) Total number of pilots chosen finally may not be more than 10.

The above is from my friend.
Please, if you have further questions please ask.

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