3 Major Mistakes Job Seekers Make

You may have been applying for jobs without getting called by recruiters and you are wondering why this is happening. Below are the three major mistakes you may have been making.

Mistake 1. Applying too late
Late applications can work against you in so many ways. When you are a job seeker it is important that you apply as soon as you see vacancies that matches your qualification or interest.

Waiting too late may be too late because once recruiters get the relevant resumes they want, they may not go back to check new applications.
Worst case scenario, your cv would be stored in the data bank.
Ensure your application gets in as soon as you can.

Mistake 2. Not editing the resume to suit job requirement
One mistake that can also affect your application is not editing your resume to suit the job you are applying for. If you are the type that have one generic CV for all all jobs, it will definitely work against you.

There are specific requirements for everyjob and recruiters expect you to have relevant qualifications. Here: How To Ensure HR Administrators Get Your Resume we discuss the different strategies recruiters employ to ensure that resumes that do not have relevant qualifications do not even spam their boxes.
Ensure you edit your resume to match the vacancy.
Read How to Write Winning Resume to help you have a professional resume look.

Mistake 3. Not preparing well for the interview
Interviews gives an opportunity to sell yourself to a recruiter. It is like a sales pitch where you have to sell a product but this time the product is you.

You have an opportunity to tell the recruiter three things:
a. What skill you possess.
b. What results you have achieved and
c. What you are able to do on the job.

One best way to achieve this is to prepare very well. Prepare by;
a. Studying the organization.
b. Plan your speech.
c. Itemize your points.
d. Envisage likely questions and prepare accordingly.

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