2016 Stanbic IBTC Recruitment Stages

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Will use my own personal experience to guide you this time around.

Stanbic doesn't recruit so often as they do now. Around 2012/ 13 precisely, I think my CV was sent to a popoolat@stanbic.com or @stanbicibtc.com can't recall.

I was scheduled to write the exams at Walter Carington with some other applicants. Very warm environment and friendly people. Not to corporate in dressing too so you will like that about them. Plan to work in their HR capacity one day.

The exams were not too tough. Very mathematical and basic. If you know your maths, it shouldn't be a problem. You may try to use GRE as well. It's very good for exams guidance generally.

So like I said;
1) Get GRE and study the elimination method.
2) Try to be very fast. The exam will be time sensitive.
3) You may likely not need a calculator except your background is Social Science.
4) Get a quiet place most especially your laptop at home with good connection.
5) Do not use phone for the exam.
6) There will be three stages of interviews. The first with a panel, second with an executive director and the final one with the head of HR.

Overall the process will be straightforward. The interview focused on competencies, knowledge of the economy, your interest in the firm and why a certain department or sector.
All the best guys. Get GRE and study the elimination method in other to help save time.

So this is my guess; after the online test which would be time sensitive and your ability to think fast, there could be another test in their HQ.

Your goal should be passing this first stage as the competition and selection would be stiff. Once you pass the exams, I am so confident the rest will be minuscule.

Likely question:
a) You are in an elevator with the CEO, Tell her in 30 seconds why you deserve this role.
b) What ways do you think poverty can be eradicated?
There are also other posts here that may help you prepare for interviews etc.

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