2014 Ernst Yung Recruitment Stages

Ernst and Yung which is one of the biggest consulting firms in the world has just roled out graduate recruitment opportunities and a lot of candidates will be applying.  The more proactive ones would have applied already and the patient ones would want to get some quick information before trying to apply. Find some tips below:

First of all, be aware that their aptitude test is one of the toughest you can ever come accross however do not be deterred because there are people working there and they went through those stages. They recruit the best and there is no opportunity for average minds. You must be sound academically and you must  be smart and intelligent.

Most of the time this company do what I call; point and kill. They target a very intelligent person who has not even applied to the organization and lure the person to join them not without scaling through their processes though. Like I used to mention, you can never be wrong with GRE when preparing for aptitude tests. Though GMAT is good, it is too general and not focused or versatile on international standard examinations.

The GRE gives you insight into aptitude tests, the strategies, the ramifications and how an average person can pass the most difficult job examinations. For example, the elimination method, the tactics of comprehensions, recognizing the right answers when confused at difficult questions etc.

The Ernst and Yung will recruit not more than 20 spanning Human Resource, Business Development and more importantly Audit Trainees. Their interview process is like three and you will be scrutinized gravely to test your intelligence. Tips on how they conduct their interviews shortly.

The details of your application matters a lot so be very careful as possible as they are a very fastidious organization. Also be aware that the operations there is international standard and working there will see you smiling home everyday after each days work.

The recruitment process is quite long but it depends on how urgent they want the trainees to resume.

The pay is awesome and my advice at the end of the day is give it your best shot and study. No Study No Passing! Ask your questions.

Apply here: Ernst and Yung

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