When HR Refuse To Get Back To You After The Interview

Like a biological cycle, the recruitment process is never complete without a feedback to the candidate that was considered unfit for a role. A professional recruitment selection process should involve the following: 
Shortlisting > Aptitude/ Interview > Candidate selection > On-boarding > Feedback.
The feedback part seems to be the hardest part for HR, sometimes because the whole process has been completed and it seems a bit of an extra task to get back to these candidates who are relying on you not just for feedback but to help them with what went wrong (The three W's).

Almost everyone has been in this position of expecting some form of feedback after that certain Interview. Weeks is passing by without anyone getting back to you and you are getting frustrated. Some of us have developed a thick skin and have learn to expect nothing.
Just recently, I was contacted by a selfish unprofessional HR person who called to ask for my age and ended the call after getting the answer. No courtesy, no feedback, no mention of age on the advert and I felt terrible answering the call in the first place. This selfish HR doesn't care about me and it's wrong.
HR especially in Nigeria should evolve and embrace best practices. There are a lot of automatic tools now that can make things easier.
Software's that shortlist, select, invites and sends feedback depending on selected commands. You can read this for help: Use Of HR Tools To Shuffle Resume

Every candidate deserves a feedback after a job interview but if our mindset is not right, it becomes a difficult thing for us. Send a feedback thanking them for taking out time to meet with your company and wish them well on their future endeavors.
This not only shows you are respectful and courteous, it explains largely the kind of organizational culture you run.
Over to you. Share your thoughts.


  1. I just had to surf the internet the get out results and i saw the site below amongst others https://www.quora.com/Is-it-considered-a-good-practice-when-an-employer-never-cal... Attending interviews and also being an interviewer myself , i have never been called back except i have been offered an appointment and i have never called back except i am hiring. It would have been a nice practice to adopt but is it the best practice? Wouldn't you just infuriate someone who did not do well in the exercise or someone who did so well and you are not hiring the person?
    If it is a best practice how can we embrace this?

    1. We can all just say its good practice when in reality it is a tough thing to do. It might even not be a productive decision to make but as hard as that sounds it is definitely good practice. Candidates want to get feedback from recruiters... 'Should I take my mind off of it or should i keep hoping'... So like mentioned, there are a lot of software that can make this happen. Once the pool of candidates that have been selected has been confirmed, an automatic response saying 'Sorry but we cannot proceed with your application will be awesome'. British Council does this and a host of organizations too. Thank you for stopping by. May we know how you found this post?. We are currently having issues with SEO.