Why Did You Quit Your Job After 3 Months

Most of us must have been faced with several interview questions we may have found so difficult to answer at a point in our career and lives... so here I would just like to give you an insight into how you can answer this question next time we are faced with it:

"May I know why you quit your job after three months?."
"I am never the kind of person to quit anything and so it was a very painful experience for me to leave an organization I was really getting to love...

However, I discovered that in other to better engage my skills as well as ensure that the organization I am working for has the capacity to not just benefit from my skill but to also inspire me and give me the room to grow, I decided that xyz is the next best thing that could happen to my career".
At this point, you give examples;

For example;
a. I like an organization that has a library.
b. I love your organization because you encourage study leave.
c. Your company supports training and development.
d. And so on and so forth.
Hope you find this useful

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