Skills Needed When Starting An Online Venture Or Ecommerce

Fortunately I have been in the online industry for a little over 4 years now (The small and big ones you can think of) and I double as a HR adviser within my team.
Recruiting for an online venture is tough because while the founder or manager is not available, you will need people who can take ownership of the job,

People who are smart and people who are driven... And trust me getting the right people is a herculean task.

1. Ownership; You have to find a a way to recognize someone who can be very proactive and someone who is always ready to resolve issues with partners and customers. Investigating and probing with questions as well as role play can help you determine who is the best fit in this situation.

For an online business, you will need people who can take ownership. People that while you are probably asleep, you are certain these folks would do their jobs efficiently.
People who can anticipate and envisage likely problems to ascertain the right strategy to resolve it even before the occur.

2. Smart; Its a fast paced environment and you have to be on the look out for someone who is smart. Someone who can muti-task easily and do many things at the same time. Someone who can read data, brain storm and discuss ideas.

Smart in the online industry means being able to adjust to new softwares, new way of doing things and not just acclimatize but also do it well.

3. Driven; The online business is to a large extent a routine job except for the business development department that enjoys discussion with clients, partners and folks that can help your business hence it is important that someone who wants to work in the online industry must have a personal drive.

He or she should be driven and also be a goal getter who looks at a bigger picture other than the boredom that may set in after sometime.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Kindly share your ideas using the comment section.


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