How To Take Advantage Of Adverts That Looks Fake Or Misleading

Sometimes and strangely too, vacancies and adverts may seem abnormal or unreal or the email or application form may seem shady and you erroneously conclude that its spam.

It is important that you know there are several reasons why an organizations recruitment portal, form or email may look "spammish".

1. Startups: Most startups do not have a robust HR department or process that may help them develop a very efficient and professional recruitment process hence there reason for using Google forms or e-recruiter forms.

2. Costly price of email subscription. It is important that I also mention that all those official emails that you see around, for example, amongst others actually cost a fortune. Not a fortune so to speak but for a new organization, start-up or small companies may not have the wherewithal to avoid the subscription fee.

3. Avoiding spam. I have personally created new emails for peculiar recruitment just because we were trying to avoid spam. We were aware of the numerous amount of job seekers and how we may have to deal with several spam mails from people if we use official emails. We had to use a new mail for this purpose so sometimes too, recruiters do this on purpose.

4.  A growing organization that is trying to develop a process may also end up shooting themselves in the foot with their style of recruitment or messages in their vacancy. Here I mean when you see invitations or vacancies that are uploaded online looking like our know GNLD or any other spam or dishonest vacancy, we may think it is fake. Messages with Subjects like: REF/ 001/ LAG are known to arouse suspicion generally in Nigeria.

So here is what I propose when you see shady adverts that could be true: Follow the following steps:

# If you come accross a vacancy that looks suspicious in Nigeria, do two things;
a. Search through Google.
b. Search through Nairaland (With thousands of related topics on Nairaland).

# If you find a useful information about the authenticity of the job then;
a. Apply if interested.

# If you find a useful information about how unreal it is then;
a. Do not apply.

# If you do not find any information but it seem like a scam to you then use your discretion.

# If you decide to apply even if it seem a scam without evidence the do the following;
a. Apply for the job using an email you hardly use but always have access too.
b. Do not give out your account details or BVN details.
c. Do not give out personal information that could give an insight into who you really are or your address.
d. Ensure you do not pay any cash or promise any amount for any job.
e. When you are invited for an interview, search through Google or Nairaland for related topics on location, the address or phone number.
f. If you have to attend, kindly attend with a significant other if you have one.
g. Follow through with the process but keep an open mind.
h. Sometimes, wait till you get the contract letter to determine if the job is for you or not.
i. While at the venue, make friendly inquiries with the secretary, receptionist or employees.
j. Lastly, ask around the vicinity and still make Google and Nairaland your friend.
My experience; I had applied for a job at an organization in Lekki and was instantly called by a white man that same evening. After the long conversation, I was asked to come for an interview the next day around 8pm at night. I later found out this person would be my boss and was a workaholic hence his fixing the interview for that time.
On hearing that the interview was scheduled for 8pm, I began to nurse several imaginations of likely scenarios that could play out but against all odds I attended.
I had planned and prepared my mind. Mentioned to my brother and fiance about the interview but proceeded with the interview because I had a hunch it was genuine.
I resumed the job the next day after the interview.
The point is not to lose out on the possibility of a legitimated job simply because it looks lie fake.
Have you had this experience before, share with us.


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