How To Avoid A Potential Abusive Employer

Well, one of the best ways to not fall a victim of abuse is to avoid being abused or more importantly being able to recognize a potential organization that would abuse you.
There is no doubt that certain organizations are an abuser of their employees and it is more painful when there are no labor laws that protect employees or rather enforcers of these impotent laws.

Sometimes back I wrote about Monster HR Personnels In organizations and I got a lot of aggravating responses as well as encouraging ones. I mentioned that most of the time, Recruiters are a nightmare to job seekers and the body that has certified them as able to practice must also put into place mechanisms that would ensure these HR personnel's have the right personality and passion for the job.

Now the first best way to avoid being abused by a prospective employer is to watch out for the interview process. You could also know an abusive organization by studying the attitude of the recruiter towards you, how hospitable the organization is, the culture of current employees and ultimately the questions you are asked during your interview.

Ways to recognize abusers:

1. What form of interview process does the organization uses.
2. The attitude of the recruiter during the interview; how respectful is the recruiter towards you.
3. How hospitable the people are; were there smiles on their face or a simple courtesy salutation.
4. The culture of current employees; do they look fearful or happy.
5. The questions you are asked during interviews; were you asked ridiculous questions.
6. The countenance of the current employees; happy faces or sad faces.
7. The almighty one is to research on the company; what are the reviews of past employees.

Abusive bosses and organization seems to be like a norm in Nigeria.
Imagine being slapped every morning by your boss, imagine being paid salary in the middle of the next month after salary is due. Imagine working without health insurance or pension while it is being deducted from your salary as tax.

Imagine that you are being sent to buy lunch every afternoon by your boss who doesn't even ask you honorably. To wash the plates, get spoon and get water from the dispenser. Trust me a lot of this happen and we can all guide against it only if we are watchful and vigilant.


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