How To Apply For Federal, State Government Jobs In Nigeria

While there are currently different vacancies being announced by the Federal and different state governments in Nigeria at the moment, it is important that we know what it takes to ensure that our applications get to the right place or that our applications is considered fit for the open positions and more importantly, that we are shortlisted for tests and or interviews.
The list is going to be very straightforward:

What documents do you need during application or during interviews:

1. Original birth certificate.
2. Original WAEC, NECO or GCE results.
3. Original means of identification i.e Voters card, Drivers license, Nigerian passport, National Id cards.
4. Certificate of origin from your state of origin.
5. Sometimes, a recommendation by your Oba or chief in your local government.
6. Sometimes, a report of your height and weight.
7. Sometimes, a certification from a hospital that has considered you fit and healthy. Heart, eyes etc.
8. Original degree certificates.
9. If married and you are using your husband name, kindly have your court order or marriage certificate in hand.
10. If you have a criminal record, have a police discharge letter or certificate as the case may be.

It is important that if we do not have this, we begin to make plans to get them because to get a job with the Federal government, you will certainly need them.
NB: Do not lie in your applications if you DO NOT have original certificates to back them up.

When applying, make sure the following information is accurately provided and followed thoroughly.

*** Before submitting your applications, cross check with a second eye to confirm accuracy***

1. First of all do not submit multiple applications.
2. Ensure your names are spelt correctly.
3. Ensure that your heights and weight is almost correct.
4. Indicate if you are already registered under a pension fund administrator.
5. Confirm that your grades are as accurate as they are on your certificates.
6. Ensure that dates of your work experience and graduation are correct.
7. Have someone re-confirm entered information before submitting.

Good luck!.

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