CIPM Stages, Diets, Qualification Requirements

CIPM is the body that certifies HR professionals as qualified practitioners in Nigeria. To get certified, there are series of stages or diets that you must scale before getting certified as a professional HR. It means that upon the completion of your studies, you would be awarded the Associate Membership of the institute. The qualification is generally known as ACIPM.

Just like an accountant needs to be certified and chartered, a human resource person must also be certified and chartered under the CIPM body.

The illustration is going to be made as very simple as possible.
There are six stages of the CIPM examination route.
1. Foundation 1:
Holders of SSCE, NECO, GCE.

2. Foundation 2:
Holders of OND, NCE in the Social Sciences.
3. Intermediate 1:
Degree and HND in Sciences or Commerce shall begin here.
4. Intermediate 2:
Degree and HND in Social Sciences or a Masters in Sciences shall begin at this stage.
5. Professional 1:
Degree with additional qualification of MSc in Social Sciences shall start here.
6. Professional 2 (Last stage)

Examinations at each stage is conducted every February and August of each year. To clarify, for example; if you are starting from Intermediate 2, the first exam you will write could be in February or August depending on when you applied.

So let us use an Intermediate 2 candidate who registered for the February diet in 2017. It means that he or she would be experiencing the below:

# Intermediate 2 exams will be written in February 2017. If passed then proceed to
# Professional 1 exams will be written in August 2017. If passed then proceed to
# Professional 2 exams (Last stage) will be written in February 2018.

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  1. Please,I'd like to find out. After passing any of the Intermedate stages.
    Can one apply for HR related jobs?

    1. You can apply anytime but you may be limited to certain HR jobs like internship and assistant. HR is basically about experience so start from there.

  2. What the likely no of year's to spend for one starting from foundation class

  3. Pls if one is starting from intermediate 1 stage, how long would it take?