Customer Experience Versus Employee Experience

I cannot remember where I got this title from but I can still recall it being in my head for over five years. I get to talk and share about how this is so important to any organization that wants to thrive in its industry every chance I get. For five years,

I have religiously and strongly believed in this phrase or "Bumper-sticker-style-slogan" if you will.

It is my opinion that no organization would thrive or perform at its optimum if employee are not;
a. Appreciated.
b. Compensated.
c. Engaged or inclusive.

This three things for me forms the core of every employee desires from his or her organizations.
It starts from when you on-board a new staff to your company. How do you welcome them and introduce them around, how excited are you to have them join you and most importantly, how did you treat them? With respect or just another employee. Remember, first impression last longer.

Your desire and willingness to make a U-turn even though genuine may seem fake, hypocritical and pretentious. You can't give what you don't have so next time you are welcoming a new employee, kindly give them a warm welcome, show a great smile, respectfully introduce them around and have a lovely chocolate ready by their desk.

Employees are very important and are at the fore front of determining the success of any organization. This is most especially true for any service industry where you are dealing with thousands of customers directly on a daily basis. Your employees are as important as the customers themselves. I prescribe a 50/ 50 rule. I.e while you are focusing on customer experience it is crucial that you also focus on employee experience.

Your employees will serve your customers and it is with the same mindset that management treats them that they will treat your customers. Most times, this treatment may not come as disrespect towards customers it comes as;
a. Attitude to work.
b. Work stress as a result of mindset.
c. Being lackadaisical about responsibilities.
d. Reluctance to go the extra mile for customers.
e. A attitude of "Why should I care if I am not cared for".

The overall effect is a reduction in efficiency, reduction in sales, hostility towards management and tension within the organization which all contribute and lead to one final place = DESTRUCTION.

Treat your employee right, get them involved in decisions that affects their work directly, compensate them duly and measure the results for "re-strategization".

Share your results or experiences with us.


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