Workplace Sexual Harassment In Nigeria

Sexual harassment in the workplace
Good day folks and trust you are doing fine.

While we are having fun at work and going by our daily duty, a lot of people are finding it difficult to enjoy their work place due to harassment.

Females suffer silently in a male dominated society like Nigeria where every unwanted cuddling, kisses and groping is expected to be smiled at. The number of these cases I witness daily is alarming. Sexual harassment at the workplace is a big issues. It is ubiquitous and widespread.

In Canada, over a quarter of the population has been sexually harassed while in the US, one out if three women has been harassed at work.
In a chauvinistic society like Nigeria where laws are almost non existent, the seriousness of the issue can only best be imagined.

The issue of harassment can only be addressed culturally because of the following reasons.
a) The kind of institutions we have.
b) If the society is a male dominated society.
c) The strength of the labor unions to address such issues and lastly
b) The economic situation of a country.

If you take a look at the above, using Nigeria as a case study, it will be difficult for those who are being harassed to get justice. Almost like the camel passing through the eye of a needle.

In view of this, I am going to be very practical. If you are experiencing harassment at work and;
a) The person is the overall boss of the company
b) You cannot report such a person to the Human Resources
c) If you are not interested in the advances,

... then do the following:
1) Stay polite with the boss always.
2) Never find yourself in a compromising position with him.
3) Politely tell him you are not interested always.
4) Keep doing your job and ensure you avoid errors as much as possible.
5) Be on the lookout for other jobs.
6) Determine to expose him or her if he takes extreme measures against you such as firing you.
7) To do this, you need electronic evidence. Be very very smart and sharp if you have to do this.
8) You have nothing to lose by exposing him because he may have already threatened to fire you.
9) Report to the labor Union nonetheless. In this case the Nigerian Labor Congress Call them on: 0709 820 4894
10) Get a lawyer.

Other informal measures include:
1) Appealing to his sense of dignity.
2) Be diplomatic. E.g. letting him know he is a great man, attractive but that you have vowed never to ever do such a thing.
3) You could also lie about having a fiance already.
4) You could also stay friendly, jovial without approval of his advances.

Sometimes, it is believed that these old men haven't come to terms with their age and it is just a way to confirm with themselves if they are still attractive.

If the institutions were functional, there wouldn't be a need for this article. All the best.


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