How To Act During Job Interviews

I have been opportune to interview applicants seeking job at my company for sometime now and I would like to share some of the things I felt if they did right would have earned them some space to meet with the Managing director.

One thing you must first of all have in mind is that if you do not leave a wow effect on your interviewer, it will be difficult for them to even call you back. You want to be remembered after the interview right?.

These are some of the things the people I have interviewed did but left me feeling like they would be a wrong fit for the company:

1) Talking too much. When you talk too much, your words lose value.
2) Contradicting yourself. You studied Biology but you applied for a logistics role so I asked why logistics and you said you just love logistics and its what you want to do.
I asked further where you see yourself in 3 years and you said you see yourself as a renowned biologist. Isn't that confusing?.
3) Looking like a rockstar with Baloteli hair style and several hand bands on your wrist.
4) Slouching on the chair. Sitting lazily and in a drooping way.
5) Using buzz words that you don't even know its meaning or at worst your interviewer doesn't even know what it meas.
6) Looking disinterested. Have a sharp countenance on.
7) Walk across the room with power. To do this, make sure your strides are fast but well taken.

As a result of the above, I will like to share some successful interview conducts to help you scale through your next interview.

1) Be confident. This means you act it even if you are not it. Stand tall and let your pace and stride be firm and fast as this makes you appear confident.
2) Dress smart and stay sharp.
3) Always wear a subtle smile on your face. This helps you to ease nervousness.
4) When you enter the room, close the door behind you without looking back.
5) Do not sit until you are asked to do so.
6) Research on the organization and know as much as you can about your interviewer if possible.
7) Ask smart questions if you are asked to.
8) Have a well comported body language that conveys confidence, professionalism, interest and passion.
9) Leave a closing remark.

These tips are things a lot of people do not do at interviews trust me. They are simple tips yes! but it goes a long way when you act accordingly.
You might think everyone knows this but I can tell you that out of the 10 people I interviewed this past weeks, none of them acted accordingly.


  1. Thats interesting.Thanks for the eye Opener. Great Job . kudos

  2. This are indeed very interesting Expo's.

  3. very informative, i would like to ask when an applicant enters the interview is it mandatory to shake the panel.

    1. There is no law for or against this but due to temperament differences it is better to wait for the recruiter to extend his hands. If he doesnt then dont botther. Search for how to shake hands in our search tab to get more insights about ths.

  4. OK... Well said sir. If you have been asked in an interview the following question; "Tell us about yourself" what's expected of you?