Why Should We Hire You?

Like some of you are already aware of how I am passionate about knowledge sharing and self improvement, I am compelled to bring up this discussion because of something that happened at my workplace.So, one of the historical HR questions that have stood the test of time during interviews is "Why Should We Hire You?".

It is an age old inquiry skill that illuminates how you view yourself and how smartly you can convey that message across.

For example, you are at an interview with Guranty Trust Bank and you were asked this question, the foregoing answer should help you in forming your own answer.

Interviewer: Why Should We Hire You?

Interviewee: I believe one of the greatest gift any employer can get is to have employees who are reliable and can be counted on to do their jobs when you turn your back. I am a positive, self motivated individual who is passionate about whatever i put my mind into. If I do not believe in a thing I do not get involved in it. I believe in Guaranty Trust Bank, I have always wanted to be a part of the family and you can count on me to do a good job.

Kindly share how you answer this question and let us learn. Most especially let new graduates and those who are searching for same question learn.