Smart & Simple Ways To Get A Job In Modern Times

Morning folks and a wonderful new year to you. One of the general resolutions most of us must have made is to have more money, to experience growth, promotion, success and most especially new jobs. Will like to be a part of the people that will make the latter possible.

So to start with, here are few tips you must take very seriously this new year to get a job:

Social Media:
a) Own a LinkedIn profile.
b) Have a working number on your profile and yes on your CV.
c) Do an audit on your social media profiles. Update responsible and funny tweets etc and reduce those immature comments you always make.

a) Always stay with your phone. The world is moving towards conducting phone interviews more. This is to recognize confidence over the phone and your understanding of the job but more importantly to sieve the too many applications they got.
b) Have a professional email. For example
c) If possible, put an alternative phone line on your profile or CV. I am sure you understand the network challenges in Nigeria.

Resume/ CV/ Application:
a) Employ the service of a professional CV writer. You can reach the handle Jarus, you can use jobberman.
b) If you are not good with applications, get a mentor to help develop your writing skills. You will need this on the job.
c) Ensure your CV contains what skills and experience you have. Do not put what you do not know.
d) Make sure your CV does not exceed two pages if you can.
e) Do not be tempted to send random applications to numerous companies. Send tailored applications.

Job websites:
a) Be on the lookout. A host of companies will be recruiting starting from today.
b) Make use of Nairaland job vacancies. I myself have benefited from this section greatly.
c) While you should visit job websites, be weary of the vacancies you see there. If you doubt a vacancy, come over here and ask. Better still create a thread or search on Google. Google is a good friend.

NB: The traditional methods of getting jobs is fast eroding. You have to be smart and strategic nowadays to get a job. You do not necessarily have to know someone who know someone. Put on your thinking caps. This is 2016, grow with the times.

To help you further, visit the link below for some information you may find useful