Practical Tips To Writing A Winning Proposal

Most of the time it is advisable to engage professional writers when bidding for business contracts either with your professional resume or proposals. The experience these writers have is often considered indispensable and sometimes the creativity and detail they put into such proposals could easily win the heart of the recipient.

Peradventure, you have an innate capability at business writing or you are looking at submitting a proposal to a company, read below our quick tips to help you have a general understanding and how your next proposal could earn you your next big contract.

Recognize the company on the front page.

You could go a step further by displaying  the recipient company logo and little details about the organization. This will show how important the contract or business partnership is to you and it will stir in them a feeling of importance.

Be clear and concise.
It is also important that you let your language and choices of words be clear and to the detail. People scheme through pages of books and notes nowadays and they hardly have time to read. Hot the point diagramatically or concisely.
The proposal you were asked to bring was just a traditional approach.

Be on the positive.
It is important that you let your language be positive. You cannot give room for doubts when it comes to business. Sometimes, some of their conditions may seem absurd, stay positive and proffer solutions to how their can be a mutually beneficial partnership.

Be a speaker.
Like I mentioned earlier, most of the time all these organizations do not have time to read all the proposals they get and it is the little 5 minutes you got with the M.D or C.E.O by the stair case that will win you that job. Be smart and powerful and straight to the point.

Outline your experiences.
This is a selling key point. Your client want to be sure you have successfully carried out similar projects before and that you completed it.

Offer a freebie.
For example, offer to provide maintain services for an installation or offer to train staffs free of charge or offer to carry on with the job half way before payment is paid to you. 

Focus on value.
By focusing on value, it implies that you have to be aware of best practices in the line and nature of job you are gunning for. No business want a job done below standard. They want to be assured that they are getting value for their money and that the best service provider is being consulted.

There is no overemphasizing the fact that the proposal is paramount in the sales cycle. Follow the details above and implement it by providing clients with a detailed, clear and thoughtful explanations about how your firm is the best and would provide the best services.

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