Getting A Job In Nigeria, How Easy

Nigeria, with a consistent increase in unemployment rate in recent times has taken second place in the order of the problems Nigeria is facing apart from corruption. Statistics show that over 50% of Nigerian youths are unemployed while a reasonable percentage are even under employed. This rate rose from 23% in 2011 to 29.5 in 2013 and now to its current rate.

This phenomenon is so ubiquitous that so many employers now capitalize on the unfortunate situation to exploit graduates who are looking for job. From being underpaid to being under servitude to firing and hiring at will to tax and pay cuts and condescension, this has been the lots of graduates looking for jobs all over the place.

Despite all these, I have heard youths who are even willing to work for no pay or get those jobs that are considered "not good" in other to keep body and soul together. It is so unfortunate.

... And that is a little description of the current situation in Nigeria but do you also know that despite all this we still have youths who are creative, smart, humble and who have networking skills that can take them to wherever their dreams and expectations take them. Check out someone's story below:

1) Kunle was a corper who vowed not to spend a day at home immediately after his service. Upon his discharge as a youth corper he immediately secured a job as a security officer at a financial institution (humility). He packaged a winning CV Winning Resume and with solid and sound spoken English started handling out his resume to customers that were coming in (creativity). It didn't take Kunle two weeks to get a job with four other offers in multi national corporations (Built network).

2) Femi a very close friend of mine got a job in a small company after which pays only for his transport but because he was a happy-go-lucky dude, he kept doing his job and was friendly with everyone in the organization. He was also respectful but friendly to his bosses too. Fortunately one of his bosses got a job in an oil company and within three days Femi was summoned to resume work as an analyst in the oil company working under same boss. What got Femi this job? (attitude).

3) Ola had been looking for a job for over a year without results. On a certain day, he got a text inviting him for an interview the second day hours away from the state he resides. The text came in at 7:00 p.m and the interview was 10:00 am the second day. Ola took a risk and traveled down for the job and he resumed the same day he went for the interview (Ola was a risk taker).

I could go on and on with testimonies that has been shared with me to make you see that even though getting a job is not piece of cake, there are rules that nature naturally even work with or more practically, rules that can guide us in fulfilling our life's purposes. Trust me, even if you don't have these qualities they can be built.

In life, you have to be:

a) Humble
b) Creative
c) Have the right attitude
d) Build networks
e) Be a risk taker (Meet with CEOs and speak with them directly)
f) Find anything doing. Just anything.
g) Take charge and get help if you feel you need therapy.

This write up is not an all in all solution to getting a job easily in Nigeria or anywhere in the world, it's just a wake up call to youths to take control of their situation and circumstances.

Bless you and drop comments or share if you find it useful.

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  1. are very correct to an extent but recruiters are not making things easier too.There are a lot of graduates that practically trekked to attend interviews and performed very well ,yet they don't get feedback afterwards.All these traits and characteristics are not enough to get jobs in Nigeria.