Tips To Help You Excel In Your Job Applications

The following are just few tips you should know. Simple and straightforward.

A) When you do not hear from an interviewer after a week (Except they mentioned exactly when they will contact you), send a courtesy email or a courtesy call requesting for feedback.

B) When you lose out on a job you so much want, cry about it. Yes cry! It makes you stronger and it makes you understand the implication of mistakes, unpreparedness, being lackadaisical about your career pursuit. Cry about it but more importantly, be angered to be better.

C) One of the best ways to be shortlisted is to follow all requirements as specified. Follow thoroughly what they have asked you.
For Example; Kindly use your surname with the position as subject. That's a very simple instruction.

D) Stop forwarding emails from phones and Blackberries without editing. Even the "sent from blackberry wireless" signature can bring bad luck. Edit your CV to the job specifications and apply accordingly.

The implication of not following C and D above is that, there are software that HR personnel use now that uses key words to discard C Vs and applications before it even gets to their inbox. It removes all OND if they have asked for BSc. It removes all the ones that did not follow the email subject accordingly. All they need to do is enter the command on the software.

E) Learn how to use power words in your emails, in your application and most especially in your interviews.
One of my King-Killer-Sentence is after each meeting (I call it meeting instead of interview) I stand up and with sincerity, I tell my interviewer that I so much like him or her. Sometimes I tell them they can expect good results if I am taken. Sometimes I can give myself targets during the interview and tell them in so so months, there will be so so and so.

The list goes on but don't not let me bore you.

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