What You Can Do With A Psychology Degree

Considering the fact that nowadays, anybody can work in any industry in Nigeria, a psychology graduate actually has numerous options.

You have recently graduated and you are worried about what your options are. Below are a few tips that could be useful to you:

a) They make great Human Resource personnel.
b) They are great counselors (Child development and the likes).
c) They make good investigators and interrogators. Perhaps a negotiator
d) You can be a Consultant psychologist if you pursue your academics up to PhD level.
e) Psychologist make great educationist.
f) You can delve into marketing with an MBA in marketing. You guys are equipped to understand peoples psychology.

g) With psychology you can be a Psychotherapist, Media and advertising careers.

It depends on the way you are looking at it. If you have enough dreams in you, you can actually achieve anything as most of these paths above has not been proliferated in the Nigerian industry.

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