Financial, Audit firms in Lagos You Can Apply To

I have had a lot of people contact me with regards to the topic. Some of these recent graduates don't even know how to go about applying there while some of them believe that getting a job in a financial or tax company will be like going to a gold mine.

I sincerely do not know if I am in the position to help but find below a copy of the email I sent to some of them. Perhaps you could learn something and other beautiful Nigerians can comment with more ideas.

Hi friend,

I trust you are well.

Find find below a list of few of them I could lay hands on:

1) audit firm at Ikoyi
2) investment management at VI
3) ECN and Co email is audit firm at Ikoyi
4) audit firm at Ikoyi
5) Follow this link to send an email to Accenture.
6) Harworth and Dafinone email is audit firm at Ikoyi
7) Austin Jide and Co audit firm.

Most are all middle sized firm. I do not know anything about their job conditions so it's left to you. All I did is help you with their email addresses.
Specify what you want in your email and don't be shy. Let them know you are ready for internship and who knows they might offer you something reasonable.

Search for more on the internet. There are a lot. Get their addresses and dedicate a day to submit to at least five places.


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