The Menace Of Unemployment In Nigeria

Unemployment in Nigeria is becoming so alarming that if nothing is done to it, it will become a menace so uncontrollable which historically will bring about chaos, unrest, riots and probably a revolution.

Unemployment is a general social problem in the world over but a strategic government or better put it this way, a responsible government knows well to put in place tools or a system that will consistently check this menace now and work with the long term effect; i.e the possibility of it escalating and what to do to tackle it.

The Federal government of Nigeria has tried to put in place some programs that I believe are laudable such as the: Subsidy re-investment program (SURE-P), the You-Win program, where youths are being given a reasonable amount of money of up to N3, 000, 000. 00 to start up their great ideas. The FG also gives NYSC members who are about to graduate loans of up to N500, 000. 000 to help them start-up a business amongst others which several state governments embark upon.

I am quite sure that some of us are a recipient of some of these programs most especially the SURE-P where millions of youths are being engage to work with several organizations and parastatals but the sad part of this is that the program lasts for a year and these youths either become redundant after the program or they get back to crime (Does not make sense).

However, despite all these efforts, Nigeria's unemployment rate is reported to be 24% which means about one 1 out of every 4 people are jobless in October 2013- NPC. This sad and not just sad but this is a problem we need to check now so that we dont have another Boko Haram on our hands in the nearest future.

What recommendations do we have for the government?

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