NYSC, The Making Of Nigerian Youths

The one year of selfless service in Nigeria rendered by graduates of several institutions all over the world has often generated several contentions among her people especially in the House of Assembly where the bill to cancel it is being debated occasionally. Several questions such as it's importance, funding and the security of the life and properties of these corners are among the reasons why the scheme is despised.

As true Nigerians however, the most important question we ought to be asking ourselves is that ; what benefit does the country derives from the NYSC or what values does it place on the lives of the youths involved without minding the purported negative consequences such as kidnapping, terrorism and maiming attached to it.

The NYSC just like any other Federal Institution has it's shortcomings but the good that the scheme has showered on Nigeria are numerous compared to its deficiency. We should rather be applauding the scheme for making several, probably majority of corners discover themselves and their full potential having one year to think about how he or she sees themselves in the next one year.

We should be applauding the scheme for curbing social miscreants and crimes, talk less of the integration and development done in mostly villages all over Nigeria, the vision on which Yakubu Gowon built the scheme in 1973.

We should be glad and proud that we influenced the South Africans who are trying to put together resources to start their own selfless service scheme which they believe will reduce idleness, curb vices and crimes. It is no doubt though a conjecture that those biting for the scrapping of the NYSC are those who are to weak to be strong. Those who it probably affects their looting while some say it is politically motivated.

We should be agitating against several irrelevant offices, executive welfare fees and corrupt office holders in the nation and let's move Nigeria forward.

Help NYSC, not condemn its shortcomings.

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