How to Develop a Salary Structure in Simple steps

Salaries and benefits are one of the most important ways to attract, retain, engage, motivate and improve the productivity of your people. A Glassdoor research and a Harvard Business Review research concluded after several studies that 75% of applicants and candidates take a job because of the benefits they offer and 75% also stay on a particular job because of their benefits.

The Three Types Of Interview Styles With Techniques

There are basically three types of interviews and knowing the one that you are most likely to experience would put you in a position where you will not only be well prepared but you will also be able to impress your interviewer. 

The Dilemna of Warning Letters

There are usually two things that can discourage an employee from being engaged with work and by extension becoming less productive. These two things can either withdraw commitment to the employer or most times, from my experience, assumes he is not a valuable employee.

Why Should We Hire You (short article)

Hello job seekers, quick one;

When next you hear the question "why should we hire you" at an interview, please rephrase it in your mind to mean "why should we buy you" and answer accordingly.

The Job Candidate Thought It Was a Romantic Date.

There are good recruiters and job interviewers who would make you feel very relaxed and settled-in at a job interview. Their aim is to put you at your best in a relaxed state so that they can squeeze as much value as they can out of you. They know that it is when a job seeker is calm, that you are at your best.

How To Get Jobs or Change Jobs in 2019

One of the most efficient ways to get jobs & or change jobs in 2019 is to build your support network.

I, along with other professional friends have experimented with this and it works. In fact, based on common agreement among HR professionals, it is easier to get a sound job through the people you surround yourself with - your net worth.

How To Measure Employee Performance

Rating employees based on feelings is unprofessional and can be counter-productive. Some of the problems associated with this kind of method are highlighted below:

1. The organization may be legally liable if you retrench an employee based on feelings. There must be a properly documented evidence of performance issues and or employee flouting policies.

How To Answer ''Can We Meet You'' By A Recruiter

''Can we meet you'' for me, is the most important interview question ever. Its an opportunity for you to succinctly describe:

I Missed HR Call For Interview, What Do I do?

If it were an important call in the first place, you would get a call back but that is not being realistic in Nigeria where there are a thousand unemployed applicants waiting to fill the role.

Why Residential Address is Important When Seeking Employment

The residential address of a job seeker or recruitment candidate is highly important as it is a means through which your potential employer may want to send your contract letter to you. There have been several stories of candidates contact number not being reachable due to several possible reasons and in this kind of situation, your residential address may just be the only saving grace.

It is also important that while attempting to put in the right address, that you ensure that the right postcodes is used and that your National courier company can pick up your address through their route optimization software. Here is how to check:

How Do Recruiters Find Candidates On LinkedIn

I want to quickly talk about the secrets (quite simple ones) recruiters use to find particular candidates on LinkedIn. More importantly, how to optimize our profile to give us results.*

A Social Recruiting Survey by Jobvite says 95% of all recruiters and hiring managers search for candidates on LinkedIn. 79% have hired a candidate they found on LinkedIn.

Why You Should Build A Career In Tech

The demand for tech enthusiasts is fast becoming widespread plus this seems to be the gold mine all over the world. Entrepreneurs are building Apps, creating models, building websites, offering solutions that makes life easier. Tech for me is the new oil and it is something recent graduates or professionals should consider.

Robots And Intelligent Algorithm To Take Over Jobs

It is estimated that between 35 and 50 percent of jobs that exist today are at risk of being lost to automation.

Repetitive, blue collar type jobs might be first, but even professionals — including paralegals, diagnosticians, and customer service representatives — will be at risk.