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We offer the following services (Our rates are cheap. Contact us):

1. CV writing at 2, 000 only but read the below carefully:
A good CV means it is clear-cut, neat and well arranged while highlighting the important skills and experience or achievements.
It is not some sort of magic that after you have gotten your CV edited then you will automatically start getting invitations. That would be a lie.
Here is what we can guarantee:
We will use our experience of shortlisting thousands of CVs to:

a. Give you a CV that can guarantee a second look by recruiters.

b. A CV that will not bounce back or get discarded when you send them.
c. A CV that you can easily edit when you want to apply for a fresh/ new role.

NB: It is left to you to ensure that you follow instructions when applying for jobs so as to avoid been rejected. Send a mail to to get started.

2. Recruitment consultancy for small businesses.
3. Business Plan and Proposal writing
4. Sponsored Ads and Jobs posting.
5. Free Mentorship (A decision every new graduate or job seeker should not underrate).
6. General HR inquiries (Please use the contact form).

We can also have a one-on-one on Skype. Add me with tjbademosi.