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Improving Employee Longevity And Retainship

I recently came across someones profile on LinkedIn who had spent 13 years in a particular company without a change of title in those years.
Profile reads; Sales executive at xyz - 13 years.

The following questions ran through my mind:

1. Not a change of title or jobs in those years?
2. Is this employee simply passionate about sales or wasn't just driven?.
3. Why wasn't there some form of promotion?.

If you stay on a sales job for 13 years definitely meant you were meeting your sales numbers.

Now I do not know what the company policy is or how appraisal is done nor how titles are given but I do know one thing... The only thing that I settled at after accommodating the 'so many thoughts' of why that profile looked that way. That, it meant the organization to some extent is an environment and a culture an employee could die for.

As a curious person and as someone who is interested in attracting, developing, retaining, building great teams but more importantly ''employee experience'', I went through LinkedIn to search for other colleagues and realized that ALMOST ALL the employees had spent years in same organization - what a feat!

What are the longevity "carrots" in your company?.

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