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Nigerian Army Physical Verification Stages 76RRI 2016/ 2017

So for those who applied and have been shortlisted (using the Nigerian Army as example), here are the likely things that would happen during the pre-screening. This may not be how the actual screening would be conducted but this was the experience of someone who had attended before.

Note the following: 

1. Upon getting to the main gate you will be searched. Both luggage and pockets. Be very careful not to have the slightest incriminating stuff.

2. After been cleared, you would be expected to do a 20 minutes journey on foot to the main screening ground. Remember you would be with your luggage so you need to be strong. You would be watched during this time too. There are accounts of people being sent back immediately.

3. Then all documents would be verified. Please do not go with fake documents.

4.  Heart test slip would be administered. Make sure you eat the right things to ensure your heart is giving the right beats. Abi??? 😀

5. You would probably be screened by more than one doctor at different stages and they will conduct and run blood tests.

6. Right there on the ground immediately, you will be asked to change your clothing's to your white top and blue shorts (In the presence of every one; male and female so for females wear something above your bras).

7. The verification of all test results were immediate as well as your credentials.

You may be disqualified based on:

a. Credentials.
b. Mode of dressing.
c. Your type of hairstyle.
d. We heard that they asked who is your god father though we are sure the government under the control of Maj-Gen Buratai and Buhari has changed and things are now better.

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  1. This year could not have started the best way for the most job applicant in Nigeria, those will be happy about the Nigerian Airforce Recruitment 2017 at the Nigeria Air Force. I just hope they follow due process.

    1. We strongly believe they wwil follow due process.