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Nigerian Breweries 2017 Recruitment Stages

For NB plc ido not submit your application more than once, you may jeopardize or delay your chances of being considered for employment.
Depending on the role you have applied for, recruitment is usually in two stages or three stages as the case may be.

Retake Npower Nigeria Assessment Test

We believe that due to the large number of people that were rejected from the Npower program, the government had decided to give other people second chances... Especially those who missed the earlier test.

How To Send Unsolicited Applications

Sending unsolicited applications is one of the ways to apply for a job in organizations that may not be recruiting at the moment. This does not mean that you will not get an opportunity to be called or invited for a chat when the opportunity arises.

Why Your Resume Was Rejected

You applied and voila!!! That was it. No calls, no response, no emails indicating that your resume has been received or is under processing. This post will highlight simple things that you do wrong and may cost you an opportunity to be contacted.

JumiaFood Recruitment 2017

Company: JumiaFood Nigeria.

Job Title: Customer Service Agent.

Here is Jumias recruitment stages in case you want to know each step of the recruitment:: HRtechnique For Jumia

Job Description: (Highlights):

LASU Recruitment Stages 2016

If you think you cannot get a job at LASU without Nepotism please think again. I personally have a close friend who is currently a lecturer there and who applied through this same process and got the job.

There could be nepotism in the Nigerian system but people still get jobs through merit. Based on my friends experience, I would share there recruitment stages so as to know what to expect.

Lagos State University Vacancies For 55 Academic And Non-academic Staff

Applications are invited from suitably qualified Resource Person for the position at the LASU Pre-Degree Studies (PDS) Epe Campus Lagos.

How To Apply?

Stanbic IBTC 2014 Recruitment Stages

Stanbic IBTC is owned or perhaps a subsidiary of Standard bank in South Africa as the case may be but that is not the focus of this write-up. I just want to quickly share tips that will help applicants in the ongoing recruitment. If you do not know yet, visit their website and check their career page for jobs you may be interested in or that matches your experience.

2014 Ernst Yung Recruitment Stages

Ernst and Yung which is one of the biggest consulting firms in the world has just roled out graduate recruitment opportunities and a lot of candidates will be applying.  The more proactive ones would have applied already and the patient ones would want to get some quick information before trying to apply. Find some tips below:

Skye Bank 2014 Recruitment Stages

Skye bank is one of the strongest bank in Nigeria. They are not one of the banks always caught in the web of laying off workers. They are stable and have stood the test of time. In fact I have a couple of friends working with them and I have not heard any one of them complain about one thing or the other.

UAC 2014 Recruitment Stages

As you all may have known, we try on this site as one of our social responsibilities to help solve issues with regards to recruitment processes of companies by popular demand. I am going to be sharing some little information about the ongoing UAC recruitment we were able to lay our hands upon.

IITA Recruitment Stages

I have gone through one of their recruitment before so I can share some first hand information about how it went.
They rolled out vacancies for different positions and I was fortunate enough to be called for the test.
Yes, you will write a test.

The British Council Recruitment 2015 Stages

The British Council is the world's leading cultural relations organization and creates opportunities for people in the UK and worldwide to understand each other, to work together and learn from one another.
There headquarters is located at Ikoyi Lagos with offices around the country.

Atlantic Aviation 2014 Recruitment Stages

I just got a request for this information and I called my contacts. I actually have a good friend who is working as a cadet pilot for one of the aviation companies in Lagos.

British American Tobacco 2016 Recruitment Stages

I just want to answer this due to numerous inquiries I'm getting.
You basically don't have to wait till you see a major recruitment headline before you start applying for jobs at BAT. I have had a friend who worked for BAT by just visiting their office in Ibadan.

HMRC Tax Specialist Programme 2016 Recruitment Stages

This post would be very brief. Out of respect for some of our readers who just mailed us, I am going to help with some info that could be useful.
One of the things that actually separate a success to a failure apart from opportunity is the "Almighty Information".

2016 Stanbic IBTC Recruitment Stages

This blog is dedicated to helping folks out on recruitment processes, human resource problems or job challenges and inquiries.
Feel free to use the contact page or drop a comment for clarification.

Will use my own personal experience to guide you this time around.

2016 Notore Chemicals Recruitment Stages

Hi folks, we probably all know the HQ of this company is in Port Harcourt and that the career website is not going.
As a temporary measure, apply through;
Also note the following that may help your preparation and interviews with them.

First Bank 2016 Recruitment Stages

First bank Nigeria is second to none in Nigeria. In the category of Citi bank, GTBank, Stanbic IBTC and Standard chartered, First bank seem to be holding to torch in terms of longevity, financial strength and staff retention.

DPR Recruitment 2016 Stages

DPR Recruitment 2016
DPR just rolled out their recruitment for this year and most of us have probably applied. What we do not know is that; it is important that accurate information is stored on your profile before applying. Dates, certificates, secondary school and primary school leaving certificates must all match. If you have not applied, then be careful. If you are able to edit then do so. That is, verify again before submitting. This is important to avoid not being selected.

UBA 2016 Recruitment Stages

UBA 150 Young Graduates Trainee
Recently, UBA has been working endlessly to improve their service delivery, customer service and most especially expand their service options to accommodate every Nigerian possible no matter your age or grade.

Union Bank 2016 Recruitment Stages

It is nothing new that Union bank is becoming amazing with their service offering recently. Their internet banking, branches and customer service is taking a new shape.
We are all seeing a better bank from what we are used too and we hope they continue to grow stronger as they have over the years.

Nigeria's Communication Commission (NCC) Recruitment Stages

It is without doubt that the current Buhari led Nigerian government is doing all its best to reduce unemployment to its nearest minimum. We have the DPR, FIRS, Police, Navy, FCSC all currently accepting applications from all over the country.

Jumia Nigeria Recruitment Stages

Jumia Nigeria, the number one online market place in Nigeria is constantly expanding and thus always looking for new talents to join their team.
There is always a new role advertised monthly on their career page here: Jumia

Howarth Dafinone Recruitment Stages

For those who are interested in building their careers in Audit, Tax, IT and accounting, I think this might interest you. They are an accounting firm in Nigeria and located at Apapa. Trust me the benefits are awesome and can be compared to that of KPMG and other auditing firms.

How To Avoid Career Mistakes

Most people start to reconsider their choices of career around age 38 according to findings.

You probably feel this way about your career choice too or may have noticed it among people within this age group.

How To Contribute To Company Goals During Meetings

Contributing to company goals at meetings means speaking in line with company objectives and removing antagonizing statements and arguments as many as possible.
When arguments occur what it usually imply is: ''power tussle between teams when different goals are at stake''.

MMM Nigeria Crash; Some Feedback At Some Offices Around Lagos

Even if you disagree with the contents, kindly find the humor in it.

My office is a large one housing a high number of employees. Many of which have become so fond of MMM in recent times.
I must confess I participated myself and yes I stopped when I heard a crash was looming going by the experiences of folks in other countries around the world. South Africa, China and Russia itself experienced the crash.

I Missed HR Call For Interview, What Do I do?

If it were an important call in the first place, you would get a call back but that is not being realistic in Nigeria where there are a thousand unemployed applicants waiting to fill the role.

How To Register Your Company For Pensions In Nigeria

The federal government has made it compulsory by law for every organization with a staff of more that three to pay pensions for their staff.

It becomes a problem when an organization does not comply because it becomes a crime and you are at the risk of being closed and or fined.

To apply is easy:

GTbank Recruitment Stages, Interview and Aptitude

I recall that immediately after graduation I wanted to work with GTbank and this was almost the dream of everyone who graduated along with me in my set. I got an invite but could not honor it because of certain constraint.

I probably also speak the mind of a host of recent graduates who would like to work with them so tag along.

NHF: Federal Mortgage Bank Of Nigeria Tax, Calculations, Eligibility

A lot of employees wonder where the tax they are paying with regards to Federal Mortgage is going to. Like me, I was worried too because if I could not actually access loans then I can imagine what usefulness I can make of the money if it were in my personal account.
I am certain that you know its 2.5% of your income that you pay monthly into the NHF account and trust me it is accessible.

Uber Nigeria Offers Car Loans At 5% Per Annum To Its Indirect Staff (Drivers)

The global brand; Uber, known for its ride-sharing platform amongst many other profitable ventures like UberEats is changing the way things are being done in Nigeria and they are doing it perfectly.

Study Shows Nearly Half Of Workers Will Leave Their Jobs In 2017

It is important that we spend quality time with our co-workers this season because they are likely to leave this 2017 study shows.
The whole cycle of expensive recruitment may begin again but more importantly companies may lose their best brains and this is something any organization that wants to thrive should try and avoid. Where competitors are tougher and where there are are a dearth of reliable workers.

Lagos; 5th Largest Economy... Lagosians Deserve An Increase in Salary

No doubt these are hard times in Nigeria and most especially for state and federal governments around the country. Salary reduction and the inability to meet up with civil obligations.
What is amusing however are the different capital projects embarked upon currently in Lagos.

NPower Physical Verification, What You Should Know

So we got a hang of an update from NPower that there would be an official announcement soon and that physical verification would be done nationwide.
Now the logistics of conducting this physical verification may be difficult to provide but I think it is something they should do.
The following are the likely things to happen during the physical verification: