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Skills Needed When Starting An Online Venture Or Ecommerce

Fortunately I have been in the online industry for a little over 4 years now (The small and big ones you can think of) and I double as a HR adviser within my team.
Recruiting for an online venture is tough because while the founder or manager is not available, you will need people who can take ownership of the job,

How To Identify Fake Human Resource Appointment Letters

It becomes very hard to identify fake jobs and appointment letters that drops in your inbox supposedly from global companies when they promise mouth watering offers, commissions and sometimes covering your travel expenses. This looks like something everyone one wants. It becomes harder to resist when jobs are not available.

Why Did You Quit Your Job After 3 Months

Most of us must have been faced with several interview questions we may have found so difficult to answer at a point in our career and lives... so here I would just like to give you an insight into how you can answer this question next time we are faced with it:

NPVN, NPower Portal Log In Problems... How To Correct Errors

While we are still trying to resolve this, I found this post on the Facebook Page of NPower and I hope it helps us and we find it useful.
NPower Facebook page here: NPower Facebook Page (Visit and send to their inbox).

We also have confirmation that Lagos NPower participants can now log in. Can we confirm this please. See the message on their FB page below.

How To Take Advantage Of Adverts That Looks Fake Or Misleading

Sometimes and strangely too, vacancies and adverts may seem abnormal or unreal or the email or application form may seem shady and you erroneously conclude that its spam.

It is important that you know there are several reasons why an organizations recruitment portal, form or email may look "spammish".

NPower Challenges And NPVN Portal Login

Hi guys, this is just to clear the air on most of the misconceptions a lot of us have about the NPower program.
I have a lot of people who were not also selected for this program and are battered as most of us are.

So note the following:

Nigerian Ports Authority Recruitment 2016

We usually do not post vacancies but for the benefit of our readers, we would like you to apply as fast as you can.
Ongoing available positions are:

Sacked John Edobor, Letter To Zenith Human Resource

17th of November, 2016.

Human Resources,
Zenith Bank plc,
Plot, 84 Ajose Adeogun St
Victoria Island.

Customer Experience Versus Employee Experience

I cannot remember where I got this title from but I can still recall it being in my head for over five years. I get to talk and share about how this is so important to any organization that wants to thrive in its industry every chance I get. For five years,

I have religiously and strongly believed in this phrase or "Bumper-sticker-style-slogan" if you will.

How To Stay Relevant In Today's Job Market

Simply put, the job market can be described as the number of the working population of a certain geographical area that are within the ages of 16 to 65.
It can also be described as a pool of people who are currently working or are available to work.
We can also say the job market is the buying and selling of work and service.

How To Send Thank You Email To HR Or A Recruiter

Sending a thank you note to a recruiter after a successful interview for a prospective job offer is one of the almighty rules of "smart ways to getting a job". It is as important as the job interview itself though not totally a prerequisite to getting a job.

When HR Refuse To Get Back To You After The Interview

Like a biological cycle, the recruitment process is never complete without a feedback to the candidate that was considered unfit for a role. A professional recruitment selection process should involve the following: 
Shortlisting > Aptitude/ Interview > Candidate selection > On-boarding > Feedback.

How To Negotiate Your Salary With A New Employer

One of the hardest part of the interview process most job seekers face is salary negotiation. They are often faced with a swing of emotions of whether to ask or not ask at all.
This for some reason is very important to any prospective employee whose primary reason for wanting to work is the monetary value he or she would get.