There Is Only One Almighty Interview Question; ''Tell Us About Yourself?''... Practice how best to answer this question and the job is half yours. HRtechnique Guide

Monster HR, A Nightmare For Job Seekers

The trend where HR personnel ask ridiculously strange questions that is totally unrelated to the job and where sometimes they become so insulting to job seekers is fast becoming a common experience at most interviews in recent times. This monster HR posing as professionals are a nightmare to job seekers.

Employee Rights From Employers Under Labor Laws

Your rights as an employee
It is important that we know our rights as employees. This article will guide you and give insights into what our entitlements are and what our employers are obligated to perform as their duty.

Building A Career In Human Resources in Nigeria

Human resources like most career choices requires that the person have a passion for people development and growth.
Your passion for people development is more critical in Human Resources without which your drive dies after few months or years on the job.

What fuels your drive towards helping people, improving their skills, engaging the right employees is passion.

Workplace Sexual Harassment In Nigeria

Sexual harassment in the workplace
Good day folks and trust you are doing fine.

While we are having fun at work and going by our daily duty, a lot of people are finding it difficult to enjoy their work place due to harassment.