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How To Write A Winning Resume

Your resume is a very important tool in your search for that dream job and it must stand out among thousands of resumes that HR personnel receive daily from prospective applicants.

Your resume is what represents you when you apply for a job and I am certain you have probably been sending quite a number of resumes without a positive response and that is why you are reading this.

Tip 1: Never let your resume exceed two pages except you are a professional or submitting a proposal that requires all your past projects and achievements in detail. If you are applying as a graduate trainee or someone with very few years of experience, it is advisable that you stick to the two page rule.
Reason: A cumbersome resume is often a repetition of what has been written earlier. Also, HR personnel are quick to discard a resume that is too long and filled with so many details. To me it looks like you are trying so hard to impress.

Tip 2: Do not use funny fonts. You can never go wrong with Calibri and Times New Romans.
Reason: Your resume is not a joke and it should not look funny. Most official write-ups, letters and memos are used with the above fonts. It will look familiar to HR personnel and not look like a joker as sent in his or her resume.

Tip 3: Organize your details in a clear and concise manner. There is no almighty formula how a resume should look but check every detail to the letter and ensure that they are clean, clear and concise.

Reason: It will make going through your resume to require less effort.

Tip 3: Let your resume include what you are being asked for in the job vacancy. You might have seen some vacancies requesting for your current salary, age or job title on your resume. It is important that you tailor it to serve that purpose.

However, there are important things that cannot be overlooked such as your objective, your professional qualifications, your skills, your educational background, experience, contact information etc.

Reason: Employers want to see how organized you are and how patient you are and how you can follow rules. Sometimes, all their request is to make it easier for them to shortlist candidates and once you do not satisfy that criteria, your resume will be tossed out.

Tip 4: We have seen so many graduates copying objectives and it is so sad that we think it is so difficult to form our have our own objectives. Objectives are what you aim to achieve by working in a company or a general principle that guides your work ethics.
Another twist to it is that you can actually tailor each objective to suit the particular job you are applying for

If you are applying for a customer service role in a media company, your objective could go like this;

'' To provide excellent customer service solutions to customers which will translate to more sales and profit for xyz company while ensuring my customers are satisfied and developing myself". As simple as that.

You could also have a general one like;

''Providing software solutions that will simplify work processes and create efficient results in data and technological output''.

Reason: An objective is a quick way to know who you are, what you can offer and if you know what you are doing.

Tip 5: These tips are so simple and if you read through and tailor your resume as instructed here, it might just get you your next best job. I do not want it to look so complicated as people make it but to give you an idea and to make you think on how to solve your resume challenges.

The tip: Be sure to have the skills and qualification you stated in your resume. We all know what outcome that we can experience if we lie on our resumes.

Stay focused in your thirst for self actualization and success hunting. Do not be moved nor shaken... Always learn new things and be flexible to teaching. You are on your way to a greater height.


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