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How To Ensure HR Get Your CV During Applications

You would agree with me that several times you may have applied for a position you are certain you are qualified for yet wasn't shortlisted. Before we go further, put yourself in the HR personnel position for once to have an understanding of what they go through themselves.

You work as an HR Officer and you have just rolled out some new vacancies for your company in the newspapers, with the current unemployment state in Nigeria, how many applications do you think you would get? And how do you think you are able to drive through the thousands of CVs popping in every second.

There is a software application that HR personnel uses to make this job somewhat easy. The purpose is to discard those CVs that do not have keywords in the vacancy announcement and requirements.
This software sieves CVs and discards useless ones such that the HR administrator would not even see them.
It can be developed in-house by a company's IT department and it can be subscribed too. Eg; Human Manager, SAP etc.

In very simple steps:
1) I enter key word commands in the software.
2) It is set up to reject CVs without those keywords.
3) It is set up to discard or store those CVs that don't meet up.
4) Then it's attached to the company's recruitment email.

Quite simple. Works like SEO for those who are aware of search engine optimization. Eg; When you search for something on Google, it brings our related articles, images or websites as per your command. Simple.

It is not surprising that majority of graduates make this mistake.
A) Those applying for a job that they are not qualified for. Why waste your time (Of course there are exceptions).
B) Those that are actually qualified but did not follow the basic instructions/ requirements stated in the application process.
C) Those qualified but have failed to follow the basic rule of SEO when applying for these jobs.

Very simple steps.
NB: Most complex things in life usually have simple solutions.

1) When applying, the first step is to ensure that the subject of your email contains the open position.
2) Ensure that your applications state and mention the number of years as experience in the requirements.
3) If there was a mention of the class of degree, make sure it is in your application, in the body of your mail or contained in your CV.
4) If the requirement says Lagos residents only, make sure it is stated in your CV, a Lagos address.
5) Like in Nigeria, where they ask for a certain age grade, kindly mention your date of birth in the application or body of mail but not necessarily the CV.
6) More importantly, ask for someone to take a second look at your CV and application for you.
One of the ways to be error free at work for example is a law that encourages you to ask colleagues to take a second look.
7) Lastly, be smart about it. Doesn't necessarily mean you begin to lie because it becomes a shame and embarrassment when this is discovered.

Doesn't also mean you make your applications to lack sincerity, simplicity, to convey passion and explain your interest.

This does not represent how all HR personnel or very respectable organization conduct their recruitment exercises so do not make this a law. Kindly stay smart and open.


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