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Recruitment practice in Nigeria

Most people might have one interview or the other this week and I am going to just give you a quick knowledge about recruitment practices, the process, the requirements and getting successful.

A company has just rolled out vacancies for potential candidates. Most of the time they need the best people and they are ready to pay you commensurate to your qualification and even spend time training you.
Sometimes they just want efficient people that can quickly fill a space and so the recruitment doesn't exceed days at most a week.

Sometimes the recruitment is intended to fill important job roles in the future so as to take up management roles and as a result they spend time training you. This type of recruitment might take months. For example; bank and multinational recruitment's.

This is not a general practice of most organizations as some prefer to conduct internal recruitments. They believe it's the best way to get the best candidates and so they engage their staffs to refer candidates with requirements that can fill up a job specification.  This is an overview.

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To this end the first step to recruitment is available spaces (Number of candidates required).
It is important that once you see an advert, kindly apply because the earlier you apply the possibility that your resume will be checked. HR practitioners sometimes have Softwares that sieves resume and so no amount of CVs they get it will always delete CVs that do not meet the requirements before getting to their mail. Getting interesting right?

Now they role out the adverts after available spaces are recognized and the qualifications determined.
Like I said earlier, send in your resume as early as possible. Because HR personnel a receive tons of emails, it is advisable that you give a brief description of your qualification, skills and experience in the body of your email. More importantly is to have a winning CV. Get on our contact page if you would like us to help you.

Ensure you have the requirements before applying and sometimes have more than what they want before applying. This gives you an edge over other candidates because you are seen as a candidate that can help them do the job better. However, because of the dearth of qualified graduates and experienced people this might not be true.

Most of the time they conduct phone interviews and the reason is not far fetched. Too many qualified candidates, too many applicants and too many winning CVs nowadays. You can read more on the reasons for phone interviews our quick phone interview tips here: Successful Interview Tips

You are then called for an aptitude test as a graduate trainee or interviews as an experienced person most of the time. During this period, the candidate who really needs the job would be easily recognized. How do you determine a candidate who really needs a job? The level of preparation for the test and knowledge of the organization. You are encouraged to study hard for your aptitude because "No study no passing".

Like I said earlier, how quickly they need the vacancies filled will determine how quickly you resume for the job. It usually takes between days and months sometimes years on very few occasions.

This is just a quick tip to put us in top gear this week and I hope it helps. Please drop comment.

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