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PINNED!!! - Building A Career In Human Resources In Nigeria

Human resources like most career choices requires that the person have a passion for people development and growth.
Your passion for people development is more critical in Human Resources without which your drive dies after few months or years on the job.

What fuels your drive towards helping people, improving their skills, engaging the right employees is passion.

Important Contents Of Your Contract, Employment Letter Before You Sign

Most newly graduates are happy to get their first job but what they do not know is that your signature on any contract you sign is binding. After signing, your employer to some extent is not obligated to do beyond what is stated there and you are also bound by the rules, regulations and expectations of its content.

Heirs Holdings Graduate Client Relations Officers 2017

This is a very awesome job for new graduates.

Heirs Holdings is an African proprietary investment company, with a track record of success and a firm belief in the opportunities that Africa offers. We are known for executing successful corporate turnarounds, and for our ability to identify growth opportunities, incubate new businesses and nurture
them to maturity.

British American Tobacco Graduate Scheme 2017 | Finance

British American Tobacco has an exciting opportunity for Global Graduates to join our Finance team in Nigeria.

PFizer Graduate Logistics Officers 2017

Pfizer - Good health is vital to all of us, and finding sustainable solutions to the most pressing health care challenges of our world cannot wait. That's why we at Pfizer are committed to applying science and our global resources to improve health and well-being at every stage of life.

Rutotech International Graduate Recruitment 2017 | New

Rutotech International is a privately owned Nigerian company with its operational office at Block L Plot 2B Road KL, Sparklight Estate, Lagos – Ibadan Expressway, Ogun State, Nigeria.

How To Speak Confidently At Meetings

One of the problems of not speaking confidently at meetings is that you are not only unable to make impact at the meeting but your presence may be considered unproductive and this may eventually cost you many opportunities.

Employee Rights From Employers Under Labor Laws

Your rights as an employee
It is important that we know our rights as employees. This article will guide you and give insights into what our entitlements are and what our employers are obligated to perform as their duty.

Pension Scheme Calculations In Nigeria, Your Employer Obligations

The importance of your pension funds to your retirement and old age cannot be overemphasized.
Some employees think it's inconsequential to them if employers do not remit this funds monthly and it simply explains how ignorant a lot of people are about employer obligations and retirement plans.
In fact, it is criminal for an organization not to remit this into your RSA i.e retirement savings account monthly.

How To Apply For Federal, State Government Jobs In Nigeria

While there are currently different vacancies being announced by the Federal and different state governments in Nigeria at the moment, it is important that we know what it takes to ensure that our applications get to the right place or that our applications is considered fit for the open positions and more importantly, that we are shortlisted for tests and or interviews.
The list is going to be very straightforward:

CIPM Stages, Diets, Qualification Requirements

CIPM is the body that certifies HR professionals as qualified practitioners in Nigeria. To get certified, there are series of stages or diets that you must scale before getting certified as a professional HR. It means that upon the completion of your studies, you would be awarded the Associate Membership of the institute. The qualification is generally known as ACIPM.

3 Major Mistakes Job Seekers Make

You may have been applying for jobs without getting called by recruiters and you are wondering why this is happening. Below are the three major mistakes you may have been making.

Fidelity Bank Graduate Recruitement 2017

Are you smart and intelligent, join the Fidelity Graduate Trainee Programme (FTTP).
Applications are currently being accepted for our graduate trainee programme.
To apply, follow the below process: