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Extending Employee Probation Period

"An employee must understand why his probation is being extended. There must be a very clear communication coming from a unified front – the MD and HR. A choice to extend probationary period is a teachable moment that could tremendously benefit the employee but if not communicated humanely, that moment is lost".

The Dilemna of Warning Letters

There are usually two things that can discourage an employee from being engaged with work and by extension becoming less productive. These two things can either withdraw commitment to the employer or most times, from my experience, assumes he is not a valuable employee.

Upturned Recommendation

I recently participated in a training on Procurement where one of our facilitators had over 30 years’ experience and came highly rated. We were excited to learn from him, but in the course of the training he turned out to be proud and talkative. This upset a lot of participants and they began to leave the training venue.

Why I May Not Recommend A Candidate For A Job

This is a very tough lesson some of us need to avoid while we still can.

My story:
A separate arm of my company was recruiting for a role sometimes back. A friend heard about this vacancy and contacted me desperate for help.

Robots And Intelligent Algorithm To Take Over Jobs

It is estimated that between 35 and 50 percent of jobs that exist today are at risk of being lost to automation.

Repetitive, blue collar type jobs might be first, but even professionals — including paralegals, diagnosticians, and customer service representatives — will be at risk.

Simple Guide To Changing Your HR From Transactional To Transformational

HR has since moved from performing transactional roles to a more strategic and transformational roles. Google, Facebook and some top international organizations do not even call it HR anymore. You will usually find them calling the HR department People Operations and here is why:

Important Contents Of Your Contract, Employment Letter Before You Sign

Most newly graduates are happy to get their first job but what they do not know is that your signature on any contract you sign is binding. After signing, your employer to some extent is not obligated to do beyond what is stated there and you are also bound by the rules, regulations and expectations of its content.

Interview Questions That Can Land Any HR In Trouble

I have shared several times on this blog how their are so many half-baked HR personnels in the industry and how they are a nightmare to job seekers. It is completely different when you are ignorant of your shortcomings as a recruiter and another thing entirely when you believe in personal growth.

To achieve this, you have to constantly learn and unlearn quack practices and embrace best practices. Here are some of the things you should avoid asking.

How To Sell Yourself

There are always opportunities to sell yourself and many people don’t know how to go about it. The truth is that if you don’t sell yourself, nobody will sell you!

From this, I will proceed to how to sell yourself during interviews. The question “introduce yourself to us” is an invitation to sell yourself to prospective employer.

Improving Employee Longevity And Retainship

I recently came across someones profile on LinkedIn who had spent 13 years in a particular company without a change of title in those years.
Profile reads; Sales executive at xyz - 13 years.

People Operations; The New HR

HR is shifting away from the traditional pen and paper model to a more analytical and logical approach where human resources potentials are maximized to deliver on their KPIs and ensured that people stick to their talents.

Why You Should Build A Career In Tech

The demand for tech enthusiasts is fast becoming widespread plus this seems to be the gold mine all over the world. Entrepreneurs are building Apps, creating models, building websites, offering solutions that makes life easier. Tech for me is the new oil and it is something recent graduates or professionals should consider.

Women... Men Are Not Superior

Women... men are not superior!.
It is my personal opinion that men and women are created equally.
That they both have the same right to breathe, to dream, to live, to pursue to acquire and to grow.

Digital Recruitment In Nigeria

The digitization of the recruitment process in Nigeria is still in its infant stage.
Few of the businesses I have come across have not digitized their human resource system talk less of recruitment.

Employee Rights From Employers Under Labor Laws

Your rights as an employee
It is important that we know our rights as employees. This article will guide you and give insights into what our entitlements are and what our employers are obligated to perform as their duty.

How To Write A Winning Resume

Your resume is a very important tool in your search for that dream job and it must stand out among thousands of resumes that HR personnel receive daily from prospective applicants.

HR Manager, Avoid these Mistakes When Interviewing

I often wonder why HR personnel's are usually mean when interviewing candidates. In fact, I also thought it was the best thing to do but now I think differently. Yes! I think differently now and I would like to share my perspective with you guys.

Three Things That Will Enhance Your Value At Your Workplace

Three things that will ensure your value at your workplace:

1. Self confidence - not pride or being delusional.

2. Communication - don't mistake this as talking too much.

Your First Week On The Job

You got the job. Congrats! Now comes the hard part—keeping the job by showing your new employers they made the right choice in hiring you.

In a Twitter poll, asking what was the shortest amount of time you've lasted at a job, 22% of respondents didn't even last a full day at a new job, while 14% made it past the first day, but couldn't hold on to the job longer than 10 days.

What Is Garden Leave And When Should You Use It

Garden or gardening leave is the practice of continuing to pay an employee who is leaving a company (and has handed in their notice or had their employment terminated) but instructing them to stay away from work during their notice period.

Three Interview Questions That Have Proven Efficient For Me

These are my personal top three interview questions and I have mastered it so well that I often get the answers I need from the reaction, expression and body movement from the applicants.

I have been able to recruit for very basic roles and mid level roles in my experience but I think it can also be useful for other higher managerial positions if tweaked.