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The Three Types Of Interview Styles With Techniques

There are basically three types of interviews and knowing the one that you are most likely to experience would put you in a position where you will not only be well prepared but you will also be able to impress your interviewer. 

Why You Are Not Getting Called After Applying For Jobs

Its not the fault of any HR or recruiter when you apply for jobs and you dont get called.
When you are tasked as a recruiter to get candidates for a role you will understand the pressure these folks go through to:
a Deliver the best candidate.
b Ensure its someone that won't quit after a month.
c Recruit someone with the right values and attitude. etc

Deloitte Recruitment Stages, Interview Questions

Finding the right job and preparing for the recruitment process can be tricky. People and culture make Deloitte a great place to work. Each person is unique and valued for that individuality. Our culture is about inclusion, collaboration, high performance, and opportunity. What impact will you make?

How To Shake Hands As A Professional

The way you shake hands may seem unimportant to some of us but they are the things that business owners, professionals and investors look out for when meeting with you for the first time.

How To Appear Valuable To HR Or Recruiter During Interviews

Out of a million applications, a hundred thousand shortlisted candidates for aptitude test and a thousand invited applicants, the goal of every job seeker is to stand out right?.

Pension Scheme Calculations In Nigeria, Your Employer Obligations

The importance of your pension funds to your retirement and old age cannot be overemphasized.
Some employees think it's inconsequential to them if employers do not remit this funds monthly and it simply explains how ignorant a lot of people are about employer obligations and retirement plans.
In fact, it is criminal for an organization not to remit this into your RSA i.e retirement savings account monthly.

People Operations; The New HR

HR is shifting away from the traditional pen and paper model to a more analytical and logical approach where human resources potentials are maximized to deliver on their KPIs and ensured that people stick to their talents.

Why You Should Build A Career In Tech

The demand for tech enthusiasts is fast becoming widespread plus this seems to be the gold mine all over the world. Entrepreneurs are building Apps, creating models, building websites, offering solutions that makes life easier. Tech for me is the new oil and it is something recent graduates or professionals should consider.

How To Manage A Team Remotely

So I found this article useful for my readers and I decided to share it.
You have a great team of people under your managerial eye. They’re dedicated, talented and hard-working and in a completely different building or state.

15 Interview Questions Every Interviewer Or HR Now Asks Applicants

If you’ve been in the work world for a good amount of time, perhaps 5+ years, you’ve probably been faced with most of the common interview questions from “What is your greatest weakness?” to “Tell me about a time when you disagreed with your boss.”

How To Speak Confidently At Meetings

One of the problems of not speaking confidently at meetings is that you are not only unable to make impact at the meeting but your presence may be considered unproductive and this may eventually cost you many opportunities.

Shell Nigeria 2017 Recruitment Stages

Shell Companies in Nigeria work with government, communities and civil society to implement programmes that have a lasting impact on lives in the Niger Delta and Nigeria as whole. It is an international organization thats very competitive in their selection of staff as well as in the attraction of candidates. Below is their recruitment process.

More importantly, you will also be opportune to see the type of interview questions they ask and the salary structure when you scroll to the bottom.

Nigerian Immigration Recruitment Scam

Nigeria Immigration Service has warned prospective job applicants into the service against the activities of fraudsters especially on social media who clone facebook accounts of the NIS in order to perpetuate job racketeering. Some of the other avenues used to scam are fake websites are job agents.

Vacancies would only be posted here: 

NIS Service Public Relations Officer, ACI Sunday James in a disclaimer notice cautioned the public to be weary of such tactics.

NLNG SIWES Recruitment Stages, Test

We will love to guide you with regards to what you could expect from the process going forward as invitation has started coming in for those that are going to be participating in the SIWES test for the industrial training program.
Note the following:
Location of the test is usually at their office sometimes at venues that will be comfortable for all their applicants.

Nigerian Stock Exchange Recruitment 2017

The Nigerian Stock Exchange is a haven for those who seek to excel in what they do irrespective of their differentiating attributes including ethnicity, gender etc.

How To Act During Job Interviews

I have been opportune to interview applicants seeking job at my company for sometime now and I would like to share some of the things I felt if they did right would have earned them some space to meet with the Managing director.

Union Bank 2014 Recruitment Stages

The Union bank recruitment has been very unclear based on our own observation for some time. We heard from a grapevine source that the recruitment was taken away from Dragnet beause of some inconsistent issues from dragnets side. We heard their trust in service delivery is at stake.

PWC Recruitmet Stages, Aptitude, Interview 2017

PWC has one of the most anticipated recruitment ever by graduates who are looking to develop their careers in accounting, tax, consulting and human resources.

FHi360 Recruitment Stages 2017

FHI360 has one of the best working environment you can find around. Collaborative environment, interesting work stations, strong mission, generally get to travel and awesome colleagues. Their employees stay as long as 10 years working with them and trust me, most have lovely things to say about FH1360. Process and stages below:

NIBSS Recruitment Stages, Interview, Aptitude 2017

As we often do, we sometimes help with some of these organizations recruitment stages, in other to give you insights into the the likely stages of their recruitment process, what you should expect in terms of aptitude, interviews and the likely span of the recruitment.