***You have an interview coming up?. There is only one Almighty interview question; "Tell us about yourself". Practice how best to answer this and the job is half yours. Read here: Tell us about yourself ***

How To Ensure HR Get Your CV During Applications

You would agree with me that several times you may have applied for a position you are certain you are qualified for yet wasn't shortlisted. Before we go further, put yourself in the HR personnel position for once to have an understanding of what they go through themselves.

Monster HR, A Nightmare For Job Seekers

The trend where HR personnel ask ridiculously strange questions that is totally unrelated to the job and where sometimes they become so insulting to job seekers is fast becoming a common experience at most interviews in recent times. This monster HR posing as professionals are a nightmare to job seekers.

How To Write A Winning Resume

Your resume is a very important tool in your search for that dream job and it must stand out among thousands of resumes that HR personnel receive daily from prospective applicants.

Should I Call Recruiters Or Wait For Them To Call Me?

Vicki at Monster says; ''If you wait until a recruiter contacts you to help you find a job, you’re missing the boat''.

Collection Of Vacancies 30/ 03/ 2017

Hello Readers,

Here are a collection of vacancies for today, the 30th of March 2017. Like we always advice, it is highly important that you apply as fast as you can.

Marie Stopes Recruitment 2017

Marie Stopes International Organisation Nigeria is committed to providing quality Family Planning, and Sexual Reproductive Health services in Nigeria.

Terragon Group Graduate Recruitment 2017

Guys, apply as fast as you can. The earlier you apply the possibility of being shortlisted. Remember HR are humans too.

HR Interns, Recruiter Needed At AlphaGRC

Interested in the opportunity below?
Do u know any new entry level staffing recruiter (0-2 years experience) that you can recommend?

Employee Rights From Employers Under Labor Laws

Your rights as an employee
It is important that we know our rights as employees. This article will guide you and give insights into what our entitlements are and what our employers are obligated to perform as their duty.

Multiple Job-Holding In The Labor Market

Multiple job holding also known as moonlighting is a phenomenon that has become an interesting subject to governments around the globe and labor analyst. The implication on the economy can be very very drastic and eventful.

How To Speak Confidently At Meetings

One of the problems of not speaking confidently at meetings is that you are not only unable to make impact at the meeting but your presence may be considered unproductive and this may eventually cost you many opportunities.

3 Major Mistakes Job Seekers Make

You may have been applying for jobs without getting called by recruiters and you are wondering why this is happening. Below are the three major mistakes you may have been making.

Fidelity Bank Recruitment Stages, Aptitude Test Format

I have gotten so many request about this recruitment but I do not have a lot of information hence my being quiet about it.
***See 10 examples of aptitude questions far below***

Avon HMO Recruitment 2017 - 8 Positions

We are a fair and equal opportunity employer; all applications are welcome regardless of sex, marital status, ethnic origin or religious belief.
Working at Avon HMO

Example Of A Graduate Trainee CV/ Resume

Jobs have evolved, HR has evolved and the world generally is evolving. Change is something that is constant and we must all endeavor to ensure that we are up-to-date with trends in other for us to thrive in our job search or career aspirations.

Building A Career In Human Resources In Nigeria

Human resources like most career choices requires that the person have a passion for people development and growth.
Your passion for people development is more critical in Human Resources without which your drive dies after few months or years on the job.

What fuels your drive towards helping people, improving their skills, engaging the right employees is passion.

Important Contents Of Your Contract, Employment Letter Before You Sign

Most newly graduates are happy to get their first job but what they do not know is that your signature on any contract you sign is binding. After signing, your employer to some extent is not obligated to do beyond what is stated there and you are also bound by the rules, regulations and expectations of its content.

Example Of A Customer Service CV/ Resume

Jobs have evolved, HR has evolved and the world generally is evolving. Change is something that is constant and we must all endeavor to ensure that we are up-to-date with trends in other for us to thrive in our job search or career aspirations.

Collection Of Vacancies 28/ 02/ 2017

Hi my people, kindly go through the vacancies below and apply for anyone you are most qualified for. If you do not find anyone that suits your profile, you could share with a loved one or keep checking this site. The vacancies are not advertised so good luck.

How To Answer ''Can We Meet You'' By A Recruiter

''Can we meet you'' for me, is the most important interview question ever. Its an opportunity for you to succinctly describe:

How To Answer ''What Are Your Weaknesses''

This question is often asked by recruiters to have a glimpse into the weaknesses of the candidate but more importantly to identify the following;